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Barter List Maintenance History

This is the history of all changes made to the link list of Barter Exchanges since the list was compiled in April, 2003.

Initially all links were visited between April 24-May 6, 2003.
05-15-03 - Added and to National List.
05-12-03 - Added BarterTiger to Pending List.
05-18-03 - Added Yahoo! Classifieds to Free Ads Sites List.
05-20-03 - Added eBay to Internet Based Barter Exchanges.
05-21-03 - Added BarterWorks, Phoenix, Arizona to Barter Exchanges in USA, per request.
05-21-03 - Added to Internet Based Barter Exchanges.
05-22-03 - Added to ".
05-25-03 - Added Auction Site List, added and to it to start with.
06-03-03 - Changed UC address from Parker, Colorado, to Rochester, New York.
06-05-03 - Added Bonita Barter auction to Auction list per request.
06-05-03 - Added EverySoft's EveryAuction to Other Resources list.
06-11-03 - Added to Internet Based Barter Exchanges per request.
06-19-03 - Added to Internet Based. (multiple exchange search engine)
06-24-03 - Added Platinum Barter Exchange Inc. to Canada Exchange list per request.
06-26-03 - Added Barter WorldWide Inc., a broker via email, to Internet Based Exchanges.
07-21-03 - Added Henry Street Trading Company to Barter Exchanges in USA, per request.
07-28-03 - Added Barter For Less .Com to Barter Exchanges in USA, per request.
08-08-03 - Added to Pending section.
08-08-03 - Removed BarterTiger from Pending section. What had been there became 2 or 3 words.
10-25-03 - Removed - Watertown, South Dakota from Internet Based. Site went down.
11-19-03 - Removed East Valley Trade Exchange & NTX Barter from Pending as their sites are up.
11-19-03 - Removed sublink to MyBBx, dead link.
11-19-03 - Removed - San Diego, California. Basically an email address at present.
11-30-03 - Removed BarterBC - Victoria & Nelson, B.C. Canada from Internet Based.
11-30-03 - Added BarterBC.Com to Pending.
12-02-03 - Added Web-Barter - Kelseyville, California to Internet Based.
01-19-04 - Added - Teaneck, NJ, to Internet Based.
01-25-04 - Added - Newton, Massachusetts to Internet Based.
01-25-04 - Added - Los Angeles - Free ads
02-1-04 - Added to Internet Based as they have just now launched.
02-1-04 - Re-Added - Watertown, South Dakota to Internet Based, sites back up.
02-3-04 - Revisions to CompassCard listing in Based in USA category.
Changed 37 offices to 44 & growing fast and added Atlanta office detail per request.
02-4-04 - Removed Nella Pages - Setagaya-ku, Tokyo - Site down for months & domain reg. expired.
02-4-04 - Removed Global Village Bank (GVB) - Nella Pages currency bank - Toshima, Tokyo
02-4-04 - Removed PanaceaTrade.Com Bartering Online - Abbotsford, BC Canada. Site down for months.
02-04-04 - Added new category for Trading Companies Specializing in Corporate Trade.
Moved Active International, added Tradewell, Inc., moved Advantis International,
moved Arjent Trading.
02-04-04 - Added 3 offices to Alliance Barter.
02-04-04 - Added Nature Coast Barter - Homosassa, Florida to USA Based.
02-05-04 - Update to Bentley Commerce Corp. name and stock symbol and listed them under software for their Virtual Barter v3.0.
02-09-04 - Added T&C Global Barter Exchange - Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada [a] [c] per request.
2-09-04 - Removed BarterNet Trade Group - Winnipeg, MB Canada [cate] - domain expired.
02-09-04 - Changed BarterBC in Canada from .ca to .com. New site says it will be up sometime in 2004.
02-09-04 - Removed Barter De Argentina- Buenos Aires, Argentina [a], duplicate listing.
02-18-04 - Added Florida Barter - Orlando, Florida to USA Based.
02-19-04 - Added T3 TRADING Corporation - New York, New York, to Corporate Barter.
02-27-04 - Added Canadian National Barter Exchange - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to Canada Based per request.
03-10-04 - Added per request. Added to Barter Exchanges Without Currency section as members directly trade CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Video Tapes and Books between their own inventories of same.
03-15-04 - Removed this history from the bottom of the link list and placed it on this page, leaving a link to this history page at the bottom of the link list.
03-16-04 - In Pending Section for changed the date in "Site should be up sometime in December 2003" to "...sometime in 2004."

04-10-04- Added Better Barter - Arcadia, California - 50/50 Blend, to USA Based.
04-10-04 - Added ICON International Inc. -Stamford, Connecticut to Corporate.
04-10-04 - Added CN Barter - Neptune, New Jersey [Itex] to USA Based under Itex
04-10-04 - Added Nabex - Oakbrook, Illinois to Corporate.

05-01-04 - Added bookmarks and an index to them at the top of the listing.
05-11-04 - Added TNS - The Neighboorhood Store [c] under Internet Based.
05-11-04 - Added Last Updated notation at bottom of listing.
05-13-04 - Added No Cash Zone - IdaVista, Inc. - Boise, Idaho - Free ads
05-16-04 - Added Intertek Trade Exchange - Nebo, North Carolina [d] to USA Based.
05-16-04 - Added [d] legend for DoBarter on line member sites.
05-20-04 - Updated Compass America listing in USA Based, reflecting name change to Tradia Commerce Network. Included office locations, broker names & contact info (phone/fax/email) from contact page on company web site.
05-21-04 - Converted the list of BXI Exchagne Web sites over to a Contact Listing style table showing office locations, broker names & contact info (phone/fax/email) using data from Offices page on company Web site.}
05-22-04 - Added Contact Listing table for ITEX showing location (state), broker name & address & phone/fax/cell and links for emailing each broker through the ITEX Web site, using data from the Broker Directory on the company Web site.
05-22-04 - Checked list for bad links and removed them all. Should recheck them later as sometimes the sites are just down for a bit. The links removed were:

05-24-04 - Added - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to Internet Based
05-24-04 - Added to Internet Based
05-24-04 - Added Trader$ Club to Internet Based
05-24-04 - Added / - free & paid ads to Internet Based and Free Ad sections.
05-24-04 - Added Onecer net Exchange - Melbourne Australia to Internet Based
05-24-04 - Added Market Maker Technologies - Manhattan, Montana to USA Based
05-24-04 - Added Trading Companies Specializing in Specific Industries - " is redefining barter by blending functions of corporate trading and local exchanges to completely meet the needs of our clients by being specialists in the restaurant/hospitality industry and beyond."
Boat Owners Exchange International (BOEI) - "BOEI provides you with the opportunity to exchange time on your boat with resort property owners worldwide and vice versa. You may learn more about how BOEI functions by becoming a member. You may also find the 'Shared Ownership Boating' book, available for purchase and download from this site, a useful resource in assisting you to the boat of your dreams at budget prices."
The Recycled Cowboy Store - Ladson, South Carolinia - "We Buy, Trade, Barter and Consign Quality New and Recycled Western Wear, Square Dance Attire, Saddles, Tack and Rodeo Equipment."
05-24-04 - Added Hilton Head location to Barter Consultants International - Atlanta, Georgia and Hilton Head, South Carolina [a] [c] [n]
05-24-04 - Added PST Corporate - Tacoma, Washington [d] email me

    505 Broadway Ste 224, Tacoma, WA 98402
    Phone (888) 701-7070
    Phone (253) 396-9999
    Authorizations 866-334-1265
    Fax (253) 627-1330
    Rae Ann Paulson email me
    Gail Hochberger email me
    Lelania Shaw, Travel Department 206-230-7942 email me

05-24-04 - Added TATE - Trans-American Trade Exchange - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to Canada Based
05-24-04 - Added to Free Ads
05-24-04 - Added Barter Atlantic Limited - Nova Scotia, Canada to Canada Based

    P.O Box 2874
    Dartmouth, N.S
    Bus: (902) 462-CASH (2274)
    Fax: (902) 462-4868
    Ralph Gass
05-24-04 - Added EC E-Classifieds - Windsor, Ontario to Free Ads Section
05-24-04 - Added - Reciprocal Results Inc. - New York, New York email me to Corporate Trade Specialists Section
    28 West 23rd Street
    8th Floor
    New York, NY 10010
    Phone: (212) 255-0522
    Toll Free (888) R2T-2IRT
    Fax: (212) 414-1371

05-24-04 - ActiMart - Latin America to Based outside of USA and Canada section. Looks like it has not been given any attention for a few years though, About is broken, listed items seemed dated 2001.
05-24-04 - Added to Internet Based.
05-24-04 - Added The Buzzboard - Oakville, Ontario, Canada to Free Ads
05-24-04 - Added T & E Online - New Zealand - Free ads to Free Ads
05-25-04 - Added Web Swappers / SwapitShop to No-Currency Exchanges / Free Ads Section
05-25-04 - Added Minnesota Materials Exchange - preventing usable materials from becoming waste to No-Currency Exchanges Section
05-25-04 - Added Dallas Barter Exchange to No-Currency Exchanges / Free Ads Section
05-25-04 - Added Community Barter Network (CBN) - Minneapolis, Minnestoa to USA Based.
05-25-04 - Added Montreal Barter Exchange / Comtex Trade Exchange, Inc. - Montreal, QC, Canada to Canada Based Section
05-25-04 - Added Barter World Inc. - Ajax, Ontario Canada - email me
Office in Ottawa, Ontario Canada to Canada Based Section
05-25-04 - Added to Specialists - The Bay Area Equestrian Network (BAEN) - Pleasanton, California email me
BAEN was created to promote equine businesses and organizations throughout California and to help horse enthusiasts find products and services in their area. We are unique among on-line directories in that our business listings are organized by region and are free of charge. BAEN also provides the equine community with a free Event Calendar, Classified Ads, and Bulletin Board.
06-05-04 - Added Liquid Barters, LLP - Idaho - email me
600 Pioneer Suite 811
Rexburg, ID 83440
Phone & Fax:1-877-247-1102
per request to be added.
06-07-04 - Added Nighthawk International, Ltd.
Listed Nighthawk under Corporate Trade
Listed Secondary Capital Network (SCN) under Exchanges Based in USA
Listed Media Funding Management under Specialists
06-07-04 - Expanded Intagio's office list to include addresses and some emails.
06-07-04 - Expanded Bentley's listings a bit.
08-03-04 - Updated site address for per request.
08-08-04 - Added BarterWorks - Phoenix, Arizona [c] to USA Based.
08-08-04 - Changed legend [b] The BANC to [banc]
08-08-04 - Changed legend [c] CRUMP to [bcbn] Bentley Crump Barter Network
08-08-04 - Changed section title from Barter / Trade Associations to Barter / Trade Associations & Networks, and revised to reflect Bentley Crump Barter Network using the definitions from Bentley's site, putting several previous sections directly under Bentley where they might be better understood,
Bentley Commerce Corporation (souce of text below)

    Bentley Crump Barter Network

    Bentley Crump Barter Network is comprised of 180 independent barter exchanges and about 50,000 small to midsize businesses that trade through them, representing approximately 30 percent of the barter exchanges in the USA, and 50 percent of those in Canada.

    Bentley's Global Trade Marketplace

    Bentley's Global Trade Marketplace is comprised of 72 online exchanges and about 15,000 small to midsize businesses that trade through them. Bentley Commerce enables the members of these exchanges to manage their trade account online and to trade in a collaborative trade marketplace with other members in other exchanges throughout the world in addition to the exchanges in the Bentley Crump Barter network. Click Here to View Online Exchange

    Custom Branded Enterprise Exchanges

    Bentley Commerce partners with national and international trade associations, specialized business magazines, publications, media companies and online business communities to provide branded customizable barter and trade exchanges that collaborate in Bentley's global trade marketplace.

    VirtualBarter 3.0 Software

    VirtualBarter 3.0 is Bentley Commerce's state of the art Internet based trading platform software that enables independent exchanges and their members to manage, merchandise, and market their products and services to an integrated worldwide network of trading partners.

    Bentley Corporate Trade Group

    Bentley Commerce's Corporate Trade Group assists companies in selling their excess inventory, production, or capacity at full value for cash equivalent trade credits, rather than liquidating it for pennies on the dollar. These companies use their trade credits to reduce their cash requirements in purchasing, procurement and capital expenses for many of the products and services they need to operate their businesses.

08-24-04 - Added per request Valley Barter Group - Phoenix, Arizona [bcbn] [y]

08-24-04 - Added Cedar Mountain Software's BarterSoft to Barter Software section. Reorganized that section a bit. Added WebTrade as the name of barter software by Platronix.
09-15-04 - Added per request Blue Owl Barter - Rockford, Minnesota [d]
09-16-04 - Added per request Trade Atlanta - Buford, Georgia

    Kathleen R. Smart
    4850 Golden Pkwy Ste B 347
    Buford, GA 30518
    678-794-9463 office
    678-714-3127 fax

Made a correction to Tradia listing.
9-19-04 - Added per request - Barter Exchange Guide - An introduction to barter exchanges and some advice for anyone interested in bartering. Barter Exchange Links. Added to Articles About Barter section.

10-11-04 - Added by request Barter New England - Stratford,Connecticut [d]
10-19-04 - Added by request Alexandria Barter - Alexandria, Louisiana
Bob Grove, President - - 1-800-845-0639
10-19-04 - Added by request The Barter Group - Alexandria, Louisiana
Bob Grove, President - - 1-800-845-0639

12-16-04 - Added by request Nations Barter - Orlando, FL [bcbn]
1-4-05 - Added article Discover the Rewards of Small Business Bartering
1-8-05 - Deleted Pasadena office from Intagio office listing.
2-10-05 - Added Barter of San Diego - San Diego, California [d]
2-10-05 - Deleted Tradia of San Diego
3-2-05 - Added by request to Internet Based: Swap Thing - Swap (Barter) goods and services. Free registration and listing.
3-2-05 - Added by request to Internet Based: U-Exchange - Worldwide listings of people interested in home exchange, trading of goods & services and bartering for vacations.
3-3-05 - Added by request to USA Based: Houston Barter Exchange - Houston, Texas
3-5-05 - Added craigslist - classified ads - craigslist barter
3-6-05 - Added by request to Barter Exchanges Based Outside Of The USA Or Canada - Barter Ireland - Avonmore House, Ferrybank, Arklow, Co.Wicklow, Ireland - (applicant member of IRTA)
4-26-05 - Added by request The Barter Market - Stratford,CT to Free Ads Section.
4-26-05 - Moved craigslist to Free Ads Section from Internet Based Exchange Section.
5-22-05 - Added Ottawa Barter - Ottawa, Ontario [d] by request.

6-01-05 - Added by request e-Clearing - Graz, Austria to Based on Internet
Added & Updated in Based Outside USA/Canada these three: - Vienna, Austria
Terra5 - Graz, Austria
Terra5 Turkey - Istanbul, Turkey
Added to Barter Software: Terra5 Associates Ltd. - Graz, Austria
6-09-05 - Added by request Barter Center International - Beverly Hills, Florida [bci] to Barter Software.
Changed to [bci] - AAA Barter Group - Seminole, Florida [bci]
Changed to [bci] - PST Corporate - Tacoma, Washington [bci] email me
PST Las Vegas [bci]
PST Oregon [bci]
Puget Sound Trading Company - Tacoma, Washington [bci]
Changed to [bci] - Barter International Exchange - Brampton, Ontario Canada [bci] [cate]
Added to USA Based Alpha Omega Network - Casselberry, Florida [bci]
Added to Canada Based Maritime Barter Associates - Canada [bci]
7-5-05 - Added by request to Free Ad Sites section - - Oakville, Ontario - A classified ad site network which helps to promote the trade of goods in the Oakville Ontario area.
9-10-05 through 9-11-05 - Removed broken links, links that no longer went to barter sites, and links that went to sites that said "coming soon" etc.
10-19-05 - Added XO Limited to Barter Software (included their full press release as a link) and Ozone Barter to Barter Exchanges outside USA/Canada, by request. Updated Intagio's membership number and offices list. Revised DoBarter / IBA listing a little. Removed an Auction software site, dropping Auction sites/software. Removed Bentley mention from Virtual Barter in Barter Software as Bentley recently switched to using ITEX Payment Systems for service.
10-25-05 - Added A2Z Things - Woonsocket, Rhode Island [d]
AAA Barter of Central Florida - Lakeland, Florida [d]
AAA Barter of Sarasota - Sarasota, Florida [d]
A To Z Barter - Paradise Point, Queensland, Australia
11-06-05 - National Trade Banc - Houston, Texas added by request.
11-15-05 - Barterfest added.
12-24-05 - Added by request Michigan Barter - Southfield, Michigan [Itex]
03-21-06 - Added by request Corporate Barter Network - Reading, Pennsylvania [e]
03-21-06 - Added by request - Reading, Pennsylvania [d]
05-08-06 - Added by request Monas Group - Belgium

07-09-06 - Added by request The Barter Network - Casselberry, Florida
TradesOnDisplay - Bowmanville ,Ontario Canada
07-23-06 - Added by request to category "Trading Companies Specializing in Specific Industries"
BAFICO Barter Finance Company Group
USA - Delaware - Head-Office:
BAFICO Holding Corp.
Barksdale Center, Newark, DE 19711

PANAMÁ - Panamá City - Head-Office:
BAFICO Currency Service Corp.
Avenida Ramon Arias, Maheli Edificio

EUROPE - Germany - Branch-Office:
Management Europe: Henrik Wolter
Phone: +49 - (0)180 3 720 720 70
Fax: +49 - (0)180 3 720 720 80
EUROPE - Spain - Branch-Office:
Apartado 208, E-03080 Alicante/Spain
Phone: +34 - 965 943 995
Fax: +34 - 965 659 254

01-12-07 - Added by request Elbarter - Located in the Edmonton area [d]
10-31-07 Added by request BarterLink Worldwide, Inc. - Atlanta (with offices in New Orleans, LA and Houston, TX)
10-31-07 Added by request West Coast Barter - San Diego (located in Vista) [d]

10-21-08 - Added by request XYZ Barter Exchange - Tustin, California [d]

10-26-08 - Added under Based in USA,
Ormita Limited - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Added under Barter Software:
Ormita Limited - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Launched 2008 by Jim Gielarowski and Daniel Evans (former
founder and ex-owner of XO Limited).

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